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Business Planning

Terrence S. Thonn, Inc. gives you the advantage of having an interested partner in the analysis and determination of business objectives. No matter what size your business is, we can help you deal with your problems and successes at every stage of development. We can design an accounting system tailored to your needs and also assist in the purchase and set up of computer software to provide reliable, accurate, and timely management information.

Our comprehensive "Business Checkup to Maximize Profits" can help you in a variety of ways. It can allow you to:

  • Evaluate your goals and objectives
  • Establish focused priorities
  • Develop sources for revenue
  • Examine pricing strategies
  • Measure performance of a product or service
  • Plan, design or market new services or products
  • Develop budgets, forecasts, cash-flow plans and long-term financial reporting systems
  • Develop and implement personnel policies and procedures

You can streamline your business and become more competitive while you set and achieve realistic goals with Terrence S. Thonn, Inc.

Computer Information Systems

Every day, your ability to compete is based on your ability to access accurate and timely information about your business. Terrence S. Thonn, Inc. is a leader in helping firms automate their accounting, costing, inventory and financial reporting.

We can improve your utilization of computer technology. In our capacity as computer consultants, we will evaluate your current operations and determine our level of involvement based on your requirements, desires and budget parameters. Using today's most powerful tools, we can help you access the information you need to gain a competitive edge.

We evaluated numerous accounting software packages before we found two such packages that we feel will aid us in helping you and your business become more competitive. These software packages will help open the door to increased profits.

Business Works
Dar Easy

The confidence we have in these software packages and their ability to make you more competitive is so high, we have become authorized consultants for both packages. It pleases us to please you, and we feel that these software packages will definitely please you.

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